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Soccer field dimensions {Everything about soccer field }

The soccer field is a very prosperous place for a Soccer player and in my opinion, every player must know the soccer field dimensions because these are basic data about the playground!

When I acquired the knowledge about the soccer field sizes my understanding in-game was enhanced and it helped me a lot in communication with players and setting up a strategy.

So, what is the size of the soccer field and what are its dimensions?

According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), the size of the ground must be between 110yards to 120yards long, and 70yards to 80yards wide.

The most common soccer field size is  120yards by 75 yards, but many professional soccer fields vary in size & soccer field size in feet is 360 by 225 feet.

what is a standard soccer field size?

Soccer field size may have variations depending on the level of seriousness (local level or official inter-school/college/country) but then too to consider the standard size of the soccer field it is 125meter x 85meter and the total area is 10,625meter square.

Soccer Field Dimensions.

Let us first know few essential components of a soccer field.

The soccer field is divided into several parts as mentioned below, I have arranged all subsets of soccer in descending order(decreasing the size of the field) 

Field of play

soccer field of play diagram

Field of play is the main component of soccer ground, it's basically a whole rectangular section of ground in which game is to be played.

Its dimensions are 125m x 85m.

All other soccer ground components are a subset of the field of play.


soccer mid field diagram
Midfield is 2nd largest component after field of play.

Midfield is a rectangular area between the penalty box of both sides. Its dimensions are 44x18 yards this area is the most beneficial area for both teams.

Teams that dominate the midfield have a greater advantage to pass the ball to the striker as well as the defender.

Penalty box
soccer penalty box diagram

This is the region where the defense team has a greater benefit than the striking team because in this region a goalkeeper can manipulate the ball with his hands!

The size of this segment of field is 16.5 meters.

Centre circle 
soccer center circle diagram

This is the part of the soccer field where the actual match starts. It is located in the exact center of the field of play.

The size of the center circle is exact 10 yards in diameter

The main use of the center circle is to give a range in which no opposite player can enter during kick-off and the ball is placed in the center of the circle.

Penalty arc or D

Soccer penalty arc diagram

This is the semicircular area outside the penalty box.

Dimensions of penalty arc 9.15 meters from the penalty spot.

penalty arc or D is drawn because during penalty the distance between the penalty spot and penalty area border is less. In such a scenario attacking team will get the advantage of a short distance between the penalty spot and the penalty arc.
In order to minimize such imbalance and promote fair play penalty arc is drawn.

Goal area

soccer goal area diagram

The goal area is the rectangular area within the penalty area. Basically, it is a subset of the penalty area.

Dimensions of Goal area is 7.3152meters x 2.4384meters

The goal area is the most beneficial area for a goalkeeper because he has full freedom to capture the ball with his hands.

Whereas striker of attacking team has to face quit struggle as they may violate the offside rule.

Penalty spot

soccer penalty spot location explained with help of diagram
It is the spot at which the ball is placed during the penalty shootout. The main reason for the penalty spot is it is drawn at an optimum distance from the goal post.

The distance between the penalty spot and goal is 11meter.

Center spot

soccer center spot location explained with help of diagram

It is the spot within the center of the center circle, at this point ball is placed at the start of the game, and whenever a team scores a goal.

Halfway line 
soccer halfway line explained with help of diagram

This is the line that divides the field of play and center circle in symmetry. Halfway line is an indication to teams about their respective territories.

length of the halfway line is the same as the width of the field of play.

Corner arc
soccer corner arc location explained with help of diagram

Corner arc is the position on the field used for corner shoot and the radius of the corner arc in soccer is 1-yard

Flag post
soccer flag post location explained with help of diagram

Flag posts are the indicators for a corner kick and are located at the corner of the field of play and center of the corner arc.

The height of the flag post must be 1.4 meters tall.


I don't think you need any explanation for this area, but then too let me tell you that this is the region of the attacker team interest.

The winning team is decided by the number of times the ball is touched to the net of the goal post.

dimensions of the soccer goal are 7.32 meters in width and 2.44 meters in height! 

Soccer field vs football field size

Ever wondered how big is soccer field when compared to a football field? Let us find out!!

The soccer field is 125m x 85m and the size of the football field is 105m x 68m

The size of the soccer field for international matches is in the range of 120 meters to 125 meters in length and 85 meters to 80 meters wide. 

The size of the American football field for international matches is 91.44 meters in length and 44 meters in width.

soccer field vs football field size comparisons with diagram
Green box: soccer field
Red box: American football field

Both games have several similarities such as these games are played by two teams of 11 players each.

In both of these games length of the field must be always greater than the width.

Here below are some amazing facts about soccer!

  • The biggest soccer pitch size is 116 yards x 77 yards!

End lines

If you have successfully read this article then you have acquired all the essential information about soccer field dimensions. Feel free to apply this knowledge in your game strategy.


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