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Soccer field dimensions {Everything about soccer field }

The soccer field is a very prosperous place for a Soccer player and in my opinion, every player must know the soccer field dimensions because these are basic data about the playground! When I acquired the knowledge about the soccer field sizes my understanding in-game was enhanced and it helped me a lot in communication with players and setting up a strategy. So, what is the size of the soccer field and what are its dimensions? According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) , the size of the ground must be between 110yards to 120yards long, and 70yards to 80yards wide. The most common soccer field size is  120yards by 75 yards, but many professional soccer fields vary in size & soccer field size in feet is 360 by 225 feet. what is a standard soccer field size? Soccer field size may have variations depending on the level of seriousness (local level or official inter-school/college/country) but then too to consider the  standard size of the soccer field it is 1